Hanadi Sleiman

Professor of Chemistry & Canada Research Chair in DNA Nanoscience, McGill University, Montreal


Université Louis Pasteur, France, CNRS Postdoctoral fellow, 1994-96, Supramolecular Chemistry
Stanford University, USA, PhD. 1985-90, Organic Chemistry

American University of Beirut, Lebanon, B.Sc. with High Distinction, 1982-85, Chemistry

McGill University, Tier I Canada Research Chair II, 2012-present
McGill University, Professor, 2011-present
McGill University, William Dawson Scholar, 2004-2012
McGill University, Associate Professor, 2005-2011
McGill University, Assistant Professor, 1998-2003


2023 Fellow of the Royal Society (UK)
2021 NSERC John C. Polanyi Award
2020 Cottrell STAR Award, Research Corporation, USA
2018 Killam Research Fellowship, Canada Council for the Arts
2018 Albus Award, Grifols Corporation, Barcelona, Spain.
2018 R. U. Lemieux Award, Canadian Society for Chemistry
2017 Netherlands Scholar Award in Supramolecular Chemistry 
2016 Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada 
2016 Izatt-Christensen Award (Top international award in Supramolecular Chemistry)

2016 Bristol-Myers-Squibb Lectureship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2023 BP Sustainability Lectureship, U. Cambridge, UK
2023 Hirschman Lectureship, U. Wisconsin-Madison

2022 Bristol-Myers Squibb Lectureship, Columbia University

• Associate Editor, Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS), 2018-pres.
• Member, Editorial Advisory Board, JACS, Chem, Nanoscale Hor., Bioconj. Chem., J. Org. Chem., ChemBioChem 
• President of the DNA Nanotechnology Society (Int. Soc. Nanoscale Sci., Comp. & Eng., ISNSCE, 2019-21)
• Associate Co-Director, DNA to RNA (CFREF Nucleic Acids Therapy, McGill), 2023-present

2023-2029: Canada Excellence Research Fund, “DNA to RNA (D2R)”, $165 Million, H. Sleiman and 9 co-PIs, McGill U., 70 researchers.
2021-2023: NSERC John Polanyi Award, $250,000 total in research funding. (100%)
2018- 2023: NSERC Discovery Grant, $138,000/year, (100%) PI: H. Sleiman; Supramolecular DNA Structures.
2020- 2027: Canada Research Chair, Tier I (Renewal) $50,000/year PI: H. Sleiman; DNA Nanoscience (100%)
2021-2023: NFRF New Frontiers in Research Fund – Exploration, $100,000/year; Toward automated synthesis of DNA nanomaterials, G. Cosa (50%) and H. Sleiman (50%)
2020-2023: Research Corp., Cottrell SEED award, $66,950; DNA Hydrogels Promoted by Small Molecules (100%)
2020-2023: I+P Partnership, $100,000; with Nplex Bio, Mono-functionalized DNA-Antibody Conjugates (100%)
2020-2023: FRQNT Team Grant, $60,000/year, (33%), PI: D. Perepichka; co-PIs: H. Sleiman, G. Cosa; Autoassemblage biologique et fonction des fils moleculaires ADA-DAD. (100%)
2019- 2025 NSERC CREATE, $1,650,000 PI and Director: H. Sleiman (9%), Programmed Molecules for Therapeutics, Sensing and Diagnostics (PROMOTE)
2017- 2023, FRQNT Regroupement Strategique, $412,500/year, PI: L. Reven, co-PI: H. Sleiman (3%) Centre Quebecois sur les Materiaux Avances (CQMF / QCAM)
2019- 2023, FRQS Structural Biology Centre, $600,000/year, PI: M. Schmeing, co-PI: H. Sleiman (3.5%); McGill University Centre for Structural Biology
2017-2023: Horizon 2020: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) - Research and Innovation Staff Exchange; PI: L. De Cola (U. Strasbourg); co-PIs: H. Sleiman; U. Strasbourg, McGill U., U. Rome, U. Parma, UCLA, U. Havana, Nanomol Tech.. Nano-OligoMed
2023: CFI JELF Nucleic Acids Infrastructure, Sleiman, $595,483, 100% (equipment grant)
2023: CFI Innovation Fund, Sleiman (PI), $ 9,824,380, 10% (equipment grant)
2022: NSERC Research Tools and Instrument Grant, 2022, Sleiman, $112,000, 100% (equipment grant)

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DNA Nanostructures: From Design to Biological Properties
09:05 AM
Hanadi Sleiman

Professor of Chemistry & Canada Research Chair in DNA Nanoscience, McGill University, Montreal