Sara Al Otaibi

Specialized Enrichment Development Programs Lead at KAUST and CEO of BOCO Life Consulting


Eng. Sara Al-Otaibi is a tapestry woven from diverse threads of leadership, resilience, and unwavering belief in human potential. As the Specialized Enrichment Development Programs Lead at KAUST, she orchestrates strategic partnerships and cultivates thriving collaborations, her leadership fueled by a passion for excellence and a dedication to supporting her team and organization.

But Sara's story extends beyond spreadsheets and engagements. It's etched in the triumph over cervical cancer, a testament to her unwavering spirit and commitment to well-being, echoing Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. This journey fueled her pursuit of empowering individuals and organizations through evidence-based mindfulness and wellness. As a certified executive coach, yoga teacher trainer, and international speaker, she founded BOCO Life Consulting to empower individuals and organizations to cultivate the resilience, emotional intelligence, and wellness skills we need to thrive in rapid change and transformation.

Her transformative work at Saudi Aramco speaks volumes, and her instrumental role in establishing the Eastern Province Driving Academy – Saudi Arabia's first women's driving center – stands as a beacon of progress. Sara's reach extends beyond borders, empowering MENA youth through open communication, collaborative spirit, and the essential skills of mindfulness and resilient emotional intelligence.


M.Arch - Master of Architecture - Summa Cum Laude 3.8 (HONS) 

Northeastern University, Boston, USA, 2014-2015 

B.Sc, Bachelor of Science in Architecture - Magna Cum Laude 3.5 (HONS) 

Northeastern University, Boston, USA, 2009-2014 

Boston Society of Architects (BSA) Honor Awards for Design Excellence

Lead Interior Designer at Utile Inc. for The Girard Boston, 2017

Research, Science, Innovation, and Engineering (RISE) 

Undergraduate Award Winner, 2014 

IB International Baccalaureate 
US President Barack Obama's Award for Academic Excellence


  • International Coaching Federation
  • Saudi Council of Engineers
  • Association of Executive Coaching
  • Yoga Teacher Trainer 200

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Work Well, Live Well: Cultivating Mind-Body Connection for Peak Performance
02:30 PM
Sara Al Otaibi

Specialized Enrichment Development Programs Lead at KAUST and CEO of BOCO Life Consulting